Data and Evidence

Student data and evidence helps to inform the collaborative conversation, flagging students to collectively focus upon, as well as shine a light upon evidence to guide professional learning, shifts in educational practice and impact of student supports being utilized.

Access a number of resources and samples below, organized by a variety of topics related to the effective organization and use of data and evidence to inform Collaborative Response practices.

Essential Elements Rubric – Assessments (with Notes)Self-assessment rubric to determine current realities and next steps for establishing benchmark and progress monitoring assessments in schools

Reflecting on Data and Evidence (School-Based) - Template - Template to reflect on considerations related to the effective use of data and evidence at the school level to inform responses for students and direction for teams.

Benchmarks and Screens

Also referred to as screening assessments, benchmark assessments are administered to all students school-wide, as part of a clearly articulated assessment plan (which also includes the use of diagnostic and progress monitoring assessments). Administered one to three times annually, the actionable data produced by benchmark assessments serves to flag students for collaborative conversation.

Resources and Templates

Assessment Planning Template - Template to assist schools in planning for benchmark, diagnostic and progress monitoring assessments
Examining Potential Common Assessments - Template to assist schools when considering common assessments (benchmark and progress monitoring) for school-wide implementation
Criteria and Considerations when Determining a Benchmark Assessment - An overview of criteria and considerations for organizations when planning for and utilizing benchmark assessments, also referred to as screening tools

Potential Benchmarks/Screening Tools - A collection of potential benchmarks/screening tools for consideration, that are being used and accessed by schools.
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Resources and Templates
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Entry Level Criteria

Resources and Templates

Student Entry Level Criteria Template - Template to assist teams in setting common student entry levels based on assessment data
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Data Overviews

Resources and Templates

Sample Data Organizers - Sample elementary and high school before and after data organizers, intended to illustrate, through examination, how student data can be organized effectively to help elicit students for examination in a collaborative team meeting, as suggested by the data

Primary School Data Overview - Sample literacy data overview from a primary school, organizing two reading benchmark data sets (student names removed)
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