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3 Things We Should Know About Every Learner: Why Every Child Deserves a Profile

Typically, when we get a new class, we receive plenty of information about high needs and complex students, but who are are the rest of the students in our class? What if every conversation about a student could contribute to their profile?

Join Jennifer Ferguson for this free webinar to see how WeCollab can enhance our understanding of our students through a profile that includes their strength and interests, their learning preferences, and the supports for their learning that have/have not worked in the past.

Recorded January 24, 2023 - Access the recording here.

4 Things Your Current Student Profile Doesn't Include

Most student profiles come in a folder that contains information about learning needs. This information tends to be static. What if you could work with a system that allowed for dynamic and action-oriented conversations about student learning?

In this free webinar, Jennifer Ferguson will demonstrate four key features of the WeCollab student profile: subscribing, adding the same information for additional students without redundant data entry, tracking staff actions, and monitoring the effectiveness of supports in place for learners. As an added bonus, in this webinar Jennifer will also provide a demonstration of visualizing the faces of a class on a team board!

Recorded February 28, 2023 - Access the recording here.

3 Easy Ways to Organize and Refine Your Supports for Students

How do we keep track of all the possible supports in our toolboxes that we know are best practice? Wouldn't it be great if we had a repository of school or district-based supports, as well as related resources, available for all teachers to be adding to student profiles to support their success?

In this free webinar, Jennifer Ferguson will explore the ability of the WeCollab system to add new supports that arise from professional learning, remove supports that may no longer serve us, and search the Student Support Network for ideas when our toolboxes may be bare.

Recorded April 18, 2023 - Access the recording here.

4 Ways to Set Up Smooth Transitions for EVERY Student and Teacher

The end of the school year is often overwhelming as educators walk with their feet in two school years: wrapping up the current one and planning for the next. When transitioning students to new grades and new schools, how do we ensure no student slips through a crack? How do we ensure that students and staff are set up for success?

Join Jennifer Ferguson for this free webinar as she reviews key features in WeCollab that enable smooth transitions, including student profile textboxes, custom team boards, meeting descriptors, and student subscriptions.

Recorded May 16, 2023 - Access the recording here.

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