Brenda MacDonald


Clearview Public School central, school leadership and family-school liaisons wanted to be extremely proactive and support staff and students through a pandemic through professional learning on co-regulation (learning how to regulate one's responses to changing circumstances). We reached out to Jigsaw Learning as a partner, and what a fantastic opportunity it was. Kurtis, Lorna and Aaron (clinical psychologist) lead us monthly through

  • online professional learning with materials and additional resources to take back and lead our staff,
  • collaborative time with our leadership colleagues, as well as
  • communication pieces that could go home with students to help support our families through this pandemic.

The feedback we received from school leaders was outstanding. School administrators and family-school liaisons felt empowered to lead staff, students and parents. Much of this work will continue into this new school year. I would highly recommend the Co-Regulation Workshop Model with Jigsaw Learning.

Brenda MacDonald


Clearview Public Schools