We know that as teachers, school and district leaders you are feeling the pressure to demonstrate success for students in math and numeracy.

We understand your urgency to ensure all teachers are confident in effective mathematics teaching practices and the importance for students' conceptual understanding and ability to transfer their knowledge into new situations and apply it to new contexts.

Many teachers are called on to teach math, however not all teachers have background or advanced training in how to teach mathematics.

We can support understanding toward successful math instruction.

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Our team can work with you to design comprehensive plans for highly impactful mathematics instruction while establishing a growth mindset.

Let us support you in your areas of need whether classroom instruction, school implementation or district strategic planning.

How We Support

All professional learning engagements may be personalized and designed for onsite, online or blended learning.

Due to the impact of COVID, we know your intervention needs are significant. Let us assist you in building and implementing an intervention plan to support the needs of all your learners.

With upcoming changes in curriculum, let us support you in your planning and implementation needs.


Classroom coaching and support in any area of numeracy (assessment, instruction, intervention)

Engage teachers in resource and manipulative reviews and considerations for crucial classroom materials


Assist in the development of school numeracy data collection and analysis processes

Support the development of a culture of numeracy in your school

Co-design intervention supports addressing your learning needs throughout the school through a connection to Collaborative Response

Support the establishment of customized numeracy communities of practice for teachers


Development of system-wide numeracy data collection and analysis processes

Establishment of customized numeracy communities of practice for teachers and leaders across your system

Support the development of a culture of numeracy across your system


Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik School has had the privilege of working with Jigsaw Learning. They have provided us with support such as Numeracy Specialist, Kathy Charchun, who helps our school with purchasing the right resources and materials that align with our numeracy programming, supports teachers administer numeracy assessments and with their numeracy programming. Our numeracy programming begins with helping students develop reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in their number sense. This work takes our students places in which they are able to comprehend concepts quicker with confidence and fluency. This gives our students ability to move into other math curriculum concepts with ease. Kathy helps us build a strong foundation in math for our students.

Lisa Thunder
Principal - Oski Pasiknowew Kamik School - Bigstone Education Authority

Kathy Charchun has been working with our Jr./Sr. High Math Department at Fox Creek School for the past two years. Our teachers work closely with her on a regular basis. She has become an excellent mentor for the teachers offering them strategies and ideas to increase student engagement in their math classrooms. Kathy brings a wealth of experience each and every time she visits out school. In addition, we find her to be completely approachable when ever we need some supports for students and teachers. We are extremely pleased with the work she has done for us.

Ian Baxter
Principal - Fox Creek School