Establishing Student Entry Criteria

In a recent blog posting, we discussed the difference between students entry levels and intervention tiers on a visual team board. By showing these two dimensions of information, the board can ensure that we are effectively identifying the students to discuss, as guided by assessment criteria, as well as identifying the levels of support currently in place to ensure the students’ success.

Developing the student entry level criteria is most effective when it can be grounded in common assessment criteria, and developed collaboratively by teams to ensure that all team members have a shared understanding of students at various levels of development. This process also helps to establish a measure of consistency across classrooms.

We have developed a Student Entry Level criteria template, that can be utilized and adapted by schools. Please feel free to use, adapt and refine as it best fits your needs.

Have you established shared Student Entry Level Criteria for your teams? We would love to receive and share any samples. Please email us at questions(at) so we can continue to recognize and celebrate the work being accomplished by teams across our educational landscape!

Author: Kurtis Hewson