Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions Announce Amicable Dissolution of Working Relationship for Collaborative Response Module in Dossier

Edmonton, July 2023 – Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions, a subsidiary of Jigsaw Learning, are announcing the amicable dissolution of their working relationship pertaining to the Collaborative Response module in Dossier, effective for the 2023-2024 school year. This mutual decision was reached following a comprehensive review of the partnership and strategic priorities of both organizations.

The Collaborative Response module, a component of the Dossier educational software suite, has been a successful collaboration between Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions and Intellimedia for the past several years. The module has empowered schools and educational institutions to enhance their Collaborative Response processes, promoting student success and achievement. The partnership has seen the growth of the module, both in features and district adoption, since first established in 2016 and both companies have valued the collaboration with each other over the past 7 years.

Both Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions express their appreciation for the collaboration and the positive outcomes achieved through the partnership.

As both organizations continue to evolve and align their strategic priorities, Intellimedia and Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions’ parent company Jigsaw Learning have concluded that a shift in their respective focus areas necessitates the amicable dissolution of their working relationship for the Collaborative Response module. Despite this change, both companies remain committed to supporting educators in their pursuit of improved student outcomes and will continue to explore innovative solutions independently.

Intellimedia will assume full responsibility for the Collaborative Response module, ensuring uninterrupted service and support for existing customers. Intellimedia extends their gratitude to Jigsaw Learning for their contributions and looks forward to continued collaboration on other projects in the future.

Both Jigsaw Learning and Intellimedia reassure their valued customers that they will experience a seamless transition during this amicable dissolution. Customers with inquiries or concerns regarding the Collaborative Response module in Dossier are encouraged to contact Intellimedia's customer support team, who will be available to provide assistance and address any questions.

About Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions: Jigsaw Collaborative Solutions, a subsidiary of Jigsaw Learning, is an educational company dedicated to supporting educators in fostering inclusive and collaborative learning environments. The parent company, Jigsaw Learning, works alongside partners to actualize Collaborative Response structures and processes that ensure success for all learners.

About Intellimedia: Intellimedia is a leading provider of educational technology solutions designed to transform teaching and learning. Their software applications are tailored to meet the needs of educators, enabling them to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

Author: Nadine Wood