Chester Auger


For the past two years, Bigstone Education Authority has partnered with Jigsaw Learning and its team of skilled and passionate leaders for work in a number of key areas in our organization and our school Oski Pasikoniewew Kamik. Some of these key areas have included

  • support for embedding robust collaborative structures and processes throughout our K4 to Grade 9 school
  • coaching for our instructional leaders and our Learning Services team
  • guidance for strategic planning, coordination of services and team building across our organization
  • development of a multi-leveled early years program, including support to secure substantial funding for this work
  • behavioural support for classrooms and professional learning for our staff team in this area, and training for our educational assistants

Throughout this work, the Jigsaw Learning team has repeatedly demonstrated a committed desire to work with us to ensure success for our school, our students, our staff and our community. In addition to being very easy to work with, each member of their team is willing to listen to our leaders and demonstrate respect for our Sakaw Cree ways, working diligently to ensure that our values and traditions are honored. They adapt to our needs through the development of flexible plans and supports, always with a focus on improving learning for our students. Their extensive educational background and expertise have helped us to move forward in many areas of our organization and their personable manner has led to strong relationships amongst our leadership team and school staff.

Since beginning our work with Jigsaw Learning, our school has developed a comprehensive master timetable that ensures collaborative time for all grade level teams, as well as time for school leadership to engage in strategic planning and our growing Learning Services team to coordinate their supports through embedded weekly meetings. Our grade level teams have received support and coaching in how to work

effectively in a collaborative learning community and have worked hard to maximize their collective efforts. We have enhanced the early years programming in our community and received support to develop a proposal that garnered federal funding for this work. Leaders throughout our organization have received coaching and support to align their work and infuse strong processes to ensure we are working well as a leadership team to support our staff and impact student learning. Through the first year of our partnership with Jigsaw Learning, our school reported a 30% increase in the number of students achieving grade-level in their literacy achievement! This is only a portion of the impact that we have experienced since beginning our work with the Jigsaw Learning team.

We would highly recommend Jigsaw Learning and its team of associates to any educational organization or school system! Their focus on building strong relationships and supporting our leaders and teachers through thoughtful and expert guidance has really had a substantial impact on our school community.

Chester Auger


Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority