Indigenous Partner Support

Are you looking for supports for programming, instruction, and assessment that are not just reflective of Alberta Curriculum but culturally appropriate with an infusion of language and cultural perspectives?

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Is your Educational Authority looking for support in a variety of areas, that can be reflective of cultural perspectives and indigenous ways of knowing and being?

We can help!

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In all supports provided by Jigsaw Learning in Indigenous communities, we actively seek guidance from school community members, Elders, Knowledge Keepers and leaders to provide supports that are culturally aware and reflective of traditional ways of knowing and being.
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How We Support

All professional learning engagements may be personalized and designed for onsite, online or blended learning.


Classroom coaching and support focused on literacy, numeracy, instruction, assessment, differentiating instruction and more

Classroom instructional support for programming for small group and individual learners


Mentorship and support for school leaders

Support to collaboratively develop comprehensive literacy and numeracy programs to support the needs of all learners

Support in the design and implementation of structures and processes to ensure collaborative teams are providing the best support for your students and staff


Strategic planning and school learning plan development across your system

Creation and revision of foundational statements and guiding documents

Mentorship and support for system leaders

Development of comprehensive literacy and numeracy programming and interventions to address gaps with student achievement, with alignment to cultural understandings

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At Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik School, our structure for student support involves a wonderful collaboration from a large group that consists of Administrators, Teachers, Educational Assistants, Student Services Team, and Cree & Language Team with the help of Jigsaw Learning, their team, and our contracted Service Providers. Each part is integral in order to help us respond to all of our students’ needs.

With a team that is so complex, Collaborative Response helps keep us focused on the priorities of our students and enables us as a collective to find solutions to create student success. This collective efficacy empowers all staff to fulfill their desired outcomes for the students as it helps us keep organized with a focus of providing supportive actions to best support students in our team meetings.

The Collaborative Response approach also tailors to the needs of our organization, with Cree Language and Culture as the foundation of our school. This way of thinking allows us to build the continuum... Read more

Lisa Thunder
Principal - Oski Pasiknowew Kamik School - Bigstone Education Authority

As a new administrator, I value the leadership that Lana Nogue has provided to me. Lana has taught me about creating learning plans, facilitated the process around creating a Nutrition School Handbook and connected me with others who I can share ideas with. Lana's knowledge around school leadership is key to the progress of the work we have been tasked with. I have found that with Lana's mentorship, my own leadership skills have improved. Thank you, Lana and I look forward to continuing learning from you.

Charity Alook
Principal K-5 - Oski Pasikoniwere Kamik - Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority

For the past two years, Bigstone Education Authority has partnered with Jigsaw Learning and its team of skilled and passionate leaders for work in a number of key areas in our organization and our school Oski Pasikoniewew Kamik. Some of these key areas have included

  • support for embedding robust collaborative structures and processes throughout our K4 to Grade 9 school
  • coaching for our instructional leaders and our Learning Services team
  • guidance for strategic planning, coordination of services and team building across our organization
  • development of a multi-leveled early years program, including support to secure substantial funding for this work
  • behavioural support for classrooms and professional learning for our staff team in this area, and training for our educational assistants

Throughout this work, the Jigsaw Learning team has repeatedly demonstrated a committed desire to work with us to ensure success for our school, our students, our staff an... Read more

Chester Auger
CEO - Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority