Lisa Thunder


At Oski Pasikoniwew Kamik School, our structure for student support involves a wonderful collaboration from a large group that consists of Administrators, Teachers, Educational Assistants, Student Services Team, and Cree & Language Team with the help of Jigsaw Learning, their team, and our contracted Service Providers. Each part is integral in order to help us respond to all of our students’ needs.

With a team that is so complex, Collaborative Response helps keep us focused on the priorities of our students and enables us as a collective to find solutions to create student success. This collective efficacy empowers all staff to fulfill their desired outcomes for the students as it helps us keep organized with a focus of providing supportive actions to best support students in our team meetings.

The Collaborative Response approach also tailors to the needs of our organization, with Cree Language and Culture as the foundation of our school. This way of thinking allows us to build the continuum of learning based on our Cree foundation. The name itself, Collaborative Response, tells exactly what it is and how it is utilized in a school setting. It has been a fantastic resource that allows the growth of all that is involved.

Lisa Thunder


Oski Pasiknowew Kamik School - Bigstone Education Authority