We know, that as teachers, and school & district leaders, you are feeling the pressure to help students achieve literacy success. We know that you put your heart into your work and feel both frustrated and worried when students don’t progress as you believe they should. We understand!

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We know that you want to lead and teach in a vibrant, thriving literacy community that empowers students to become critical thinkers, lovers of literature, and capable, curious learners.

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We have worked with educational organizations, from the district to the school and classroom level, to develop comprehensive plans for highly impactful literacy instruction and rich cultures of literacy.

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All professional learning engagements may be personalized and designed for onsite, online or blended learning.

Due to the impact of COVID, we know your intervention needs are significant. Let us assist you in building and implementing an intervention plan to support the needs of all your learners.

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Classroom coaching and support in effective literacy instruction (reading, writing, assessment, small group instruction, etc)

Engage teachers in resource reviews and considerations for classroom libraries

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Assist in the development of school literacy data collection and analysis processes

Support the development of a culture of literacy in your school

Co-design intervention supports addressing your learning needs throughout the school through a connection to Collaborative Response.

Support the establishment of customized literacy communities of practice for teachers

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Development of system-wide literacy data collection and analysis processes

Establishment of customized literacy communities of practice for teachers and leaders across your system

Support the development of a culture of literacy across your system

Group discounts for online literacy courses

Together we can discuss your needs and design unique opportunities that will support your classrooms, schools and system.
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Cheryl Gascoyne was instrumental in supporting our school with literacy growth and development. Her work with our staff has had a dramatically positive impact on how we support literacy development for our students. Cheryl worked elbow to elbow with our staff to improve our reading intervention strategies. She also helped us engage in a literacy partnership with the local university and she supported our work in finding appropriate literacy resources for our school. Cheryl worked alongside the administrative team to develop a comprehensive school wide literacy plan. She was visible in the school, she worked alongside teachers and she regularly connected with the leadership team to determine next steps. Cheryl is an expert in the field of literacy and she took the time to really look at our strengths and areas for improvement. She helped us create a vision of literacy and we are forever grateful for her support. Cheryl changed how we support, implement and assess literacy in our school and the staff and stu... Read more

Sonja Dykslag, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Principal - École Lacombe Upper Elementary School

I had the opportunity to work with Cheryl Gascoyne for the 2018-2019 school year. During this school year, Clearview School Division was continuing its work on a massive transformation of literacy practices. Through Jigsaw Learning, we were able to access Cheryl's expertise to help us with our plan. Cheryl was an instrumental player in our journey as we worked on moving literacy forward in our division. Using our year plan, Cheryl's expertise was a welcome addition to our transformation. Cheryl was an excellent well-planned presenter as she worked in large group grade-level learning sessions. While on school visits, Cheryl met with small groups as well as individuals who were striving to become effective, best practice teachers of literacy. Cheryl is a learner who continually seeks to stay abreast of the current research and then share her knowledge with others. Cheryl is also fun and engaging! It was a pleasure to spend this time with Cheryl. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn fr... Read more

Wendy Coppock
Early Learning and Literacy Coordinator - Clearview Public Schools

Kathleen Robertson was, by far, one of the best prepared presenters I have ever had the opportunity to see. Kathleen really took into account what would help us, the attendees, incorporate the information, techniques and knowledge she was sharing with us into our daily practice, and provided the supplies to help us do that. Kathleen's knowledge and eagerness to share ways to help teach struggling readers really shone through. I would highly recommend having Kathleen as a presenter again. Well worth the time and money.

2020 Northern Alberta Educational Assistants Conference

Kathleen Robertson is a fabulous collaborative team member and excellent literacy and learning coach. Kathleen’s extensive background in literacy and numeracy has made her such an asset to our school. She is supportive, approachable, and understanding in every role.

Maria Tisdale
Teacher - Rimbey Elementary School​

I wanted to reach out and express my true appreciation for all the support Cheryl Gascoyne has given me since August. Cheryl has provided me with opportunities to expand my skill set and offer the best version of my professional self to each group of students I encounter. Cheryl has built literacy confidence within me that I have not had before. Cheryl have impacted me and my career in ways I cannot explain. I will continue to share Cheryl's expertise with colleagues and hope that in the future our paths will cross again and we get the chance to collaborate further.

Brooke Bablitz
Beginning Teacher Cohort - Northern Gateway Public Schools