Re-entry Support

We know, as school and district leaders, your focus may need to be on logistical and procedural areas of immediate need during re-entry. Our team can help ensure the learning agenda is still being attended to as a priority for your organization!

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With expertise in a number of areas, we can work alongside your team during these busy times. What do you need? Let us help take something off your plate!

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How We Support

  • Designing workshops, coaching, courses and sessions focused on wellness, regulation and trauma-informed care, with support for both staff and students, building communities of well-being in schools
  • Establishing coaching and support for school and district leaders, both for individuals and through cohort models for enhanced connection and networking
  • Working with teams of teachers to establish essential outcomes for learning and how to engage in robust planning, assessment and instruction in relation to those "big rocks" for learning
  • Working along school and district inclusive learning teams, to support our most vulnerable populations and ensure robust scaffolding of supports across an organization
  • Working with leaders to establish structures and processes for focused and meaningful collaboration for teachers, to help them support each other and attend to the myriad of adaptive challenges they will be facing
  • Developing beginning teacher supports and communities of practice, to provide coaching, mentorship and support for those entering the profession at an incredibly complex time

Our team can help support in a number of other ways!

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