Educational Assistants

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This 16 module course is designed to provide staff who are currently in this complex role with an overview of educational best practices in support of students and teachers.

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Roles and Responsibilities

As the role of support staff increases in scope and complexity, so does the need to ensure that staff have the tools to do their jobs. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of an Educational Assistant is critically important for effective utilization within a school.

Resources and Templates

Duties of Teachers and Educational Assistants Summary - Adapted from ATA, this chart outlines the duties of the teacher and the educational assistant and serves as a reflective document to clarify roles and responsibilities specific to your environment.

Non-instructional Duties of the Educational Assistant - Template to be used as a conversation starter with your teacher in order to collaborate and communicate with your teacher to understand their expectations.


Making relationships within a learning community is a shared responsibility. It isn’t always simple, but it’s crucial to the well-being and academic growth of all students.

Resources and Templates

Reflection Organizer - Self - A reflective document that includes sentence starters intended for focusing upon personal experiences that may have a direct impact on your ability to connect with and build relationships with your students.

Reflection Organizer - Colleagues - A checklist to help explore the relationship that you have with your colleagues which contributes to the overall success for students.

Reflection Organizer - Students - This reflective template will provide you with a list of tips for building better relationships with students and help to assess key priority areas for teacher growth.

Diagnosis & Strategies

Understanding the impact and implications diagnosis made by psychologists, medical practitioners, etc. may have on student learning, social/emotional behaviour and the classroom environment is critical to understanding and supporting our students.

Resources and Templates

Understanding Medical and Disability Information Organizer - This template will assist educational assistants to understand medical and disability information by listing a variety of different characteristics of students with a medical or disability as well as provide strategies to support. (Please note that more information is provided in the Online Learning Series created for educational assistants).

Responsive Behaviour Support

Supportive learning environments require that we ensure a safe and caring environment where all learners can thrive. We must have responsive school wide structures and processes for identifying and responding to the needs of all students.

Resources and Templates

Responsive Behaviour Support: Ten Key Components - Review and understand the 10 components of a responsive behaviour support school-wide structure to ensure a safe and caring learning environment.