Staying in the Know

Are you trying to keep track of all the students on your radar? Are you spending time wondering what happened in the meeting about a student that you were unable to attend?

WeCollab can help you stay in the know.

Unique to WeCollab are its Student Subscriptions and how they are incorporated into the summary emails that the system sends out (weekly or daily, depending on the user preference).

Staying in the know is a transparent process within WeCollab. The Student Subscription is a feature within WeCollab that school administrators, learning support teachers, and homeroom teachers have come to appreciate as a way to keep tabs on the students they are responsible for even when they cannot be present for every meeting about or encounter with a student.

Subscribe to a Student

Subscribing to a student is as simple as a click of a button. In the Student Profile, open the three bar icon in the top left corner…

…and click on Subscribe.

This adds the student to the list of those to be included in summary emails.

The summary email will show the following changes for student subscriptions:

  • profile updates, including
    • adding an alert
    • new supports
    • action updates
  • meetings that have been conducted where the student has been discussed

Unsubscribing from a student follows the exact same steps!

Manage Student Subscription

Accessing each individual student profile to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a student may not be the most efficient way to stay in the know. Users can manage the students selected to be included in your weekly (or daily) email summary from WeCollab through the Manage Student Subscription feature.

This window allows users to add or remove multiple students from their subscription.

Schedule a Conversation

WeCollab provides efficient and transparent communication tools built automatically within the software so that users can stay in the know! Schedule a conversation to learn more about how this system can enhance not only a Collaborative Response approach but overall team communication and awareness to better support students.

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Author: Jennifer Ferguson