Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model Book

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"Collaborative Response: Three Foundational Components That Transform How We Respond to the Needs of Learners" is now available!
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Kurtis Hewson, Lorna Hewson, and Jim Parsons

Responding to the individual needs of students involves a cultural shift in schools and districts. A Collaborative Response Model is a school-wide framework that places inclusion at the core and ensures a collaborative response to the individual needs of students. Explore how the establishment of collaborative team meetings, assessments and a pyramid of interventions ensure a systematic framework of structures and processes for educational organizations.

Hewson, K., Hewson, L., & Parsons, J. (2015). Envisioning a collaborative response model: Beliefs, structures, and processes to transform how we respond to the needs of students. Edmonton, AB: Jigsaw Learning Inc.

Access a two-page book insert, updated for 2020, sharing new updates and revisions to Collaborative Response not discussed in the book. A copy of the insert will be included for all print copies.


Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model has been instrumental in accelerating our system’s shift toward building powerful, job-embedded professional learning and action structures. It is, at once, principle driven and pragmatic; providing educators with relevant examples of the model in action. Keeping student learning at the core, the book speaks to educators in a way that motivates and empowers.Mark Davidson, Superintendent (Medicine Hat School District No. 76)
I am absolutely loving the book Collaborative Response Model and see that the changes they are promoting are fantastic in relation to teacher accountability, student achievement and teacher’s wellbeing. I see the need for more collaboration in our schools and a place where everyone is working together to support all of our students. I am excited for these changes and know that when initiated would make everything better. I am enthusiastic with the idea that we are moving away from pullout support for our at-risk students and more to inclusive classroom supports.Katie Leith-Mills
..the structures and processes put in place through a Collaborative Response Model framework are critical to ensuring further success for our students.
Marilyn Schmitke, Principal (Winterburn School, Edmonton Public Schools)
“Envisioning A Collaborative Response Model”, a required read in Clearview Public Schools, provides a framework and a laser focus for our staff to drill down into the needs of students who are faltering, and generate ideas and solutions designed to achieve success.
Peter Barron, Superintendent (Clearview Public Schools)
A game changer.
Todd Samuelson, Principal (Southview Community School, Medicine Hat School District No. 76)
Kurtis, Lorna and Jim have brilliantly presented a model that addresses student learning strengths and need, engages teachers in focussed conversation and builds teacher capacity in actively responding to student programming needs.
Leslee Jodry, Assistant Superintendent (Northern Gateway Public Schools)
The African Proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” comes to life through the Collaborative Response Model.
Karen Chrenek, District Principal (Peace Wapiti School Division No. 76)