Karen Laszuk


I have worked with Barb Pears for the past five years in her role as a behaviour consultant for Wolf Creek Public Schools. Barb has repeatedly proven herself as an invaluable source of wisdom and knowledge when working through the needs and challenges of our most complex students. She knows that a cookie cutter approach won’t meet the needs of our diverse students and comes prepared to engage in a team approach in moving forward. Barb brings a fresh view, and can offer insights that can help solve problems. Barb is a very effective problem solver when working on the function of the child’s behaviour and generates solutions that are reasonable and manageable to implement. She has skill at seeing the big picture but is insightful at determining the small parts that can help to move a child forward. Barb has excellent communication skills and a personality that allows teachers to feel safe, valued and respected in the process. She does well at listening first and speaking second. Her primary goal is to help other people generate next steps that improve the self regulation and behaviour skills of our students. She is able to build trust and as a result is able to help schools, families and students accomplish their goals.

Karen Laszuk

Inclusion Coach

Iron Ridge Elementary School, Wolf Creek Public Schools

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