Kristien Holtby


In Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools our implementation of Collaborative Response in partnership with Jigsaw Learning, has had a transformative impact which has been remarkable.

We have evidence of the significant impact on collective teacher efficacy, a system-wide commitment to improvement, and the creation of powerful learning environments. Throughout the process, we have had significant support, involvement and commitment from our leadership teams who have been driving the implementation

Our approach to implementation empowers teachers, providing them with scaffolded support, guidance, and practical tools to excel in their roles. The collaborative framework encourages teamwork, fostering a culture of continuous growth and a shared commitment to student success. Through our partnership with Jigsaw Learning, we have witnessed a remarkable shift, where every stakeholder is actively engaged in creating an inclusive, innovative, and effective educational system.

Kristien Holtby

Director of Educational Services

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools