Collaborative Response Leadership Cohorts

Take Your Collaborative Efforts to the Next Level!

We often use the term “simplexity” when describing Collaborative Response - simple in its three foundational components but highly complex when trying to align them with coherence and intentionality at the school level.

How can you get the support needed to really make an impact for school?

Consider enrolling in a Leadership Cohort for 2023-2024!

This comprehensive and highly impactful team professional learning opportunity includes:

  • Online engagement in year long learning intended to deepen your team’s understanding and establishment of Collaborative Response
  • Networking with other schools also engaging in this work, to share progress made and challenges being experienced
  • Access to author Kurtis Hewson multiple times during the year to support your school’s efforts
  • Dedicated time for team planning and determination of next steps to support ongoing implementation

Every Child Deserves a Team!

We understand that a single teacher alone cannot possibly meet the needs of their diverse classrooms.

Every child deserves a team? But how can we do it in our school?

Join the hundreds of educational organizations who are seeing success through Collaborative Response, a system-wide framework that values collaborative, action-focused responses, data-informed discussions, and timely support to ensure all students can experience success.

Collaborative Response allows us to pool our expertise so none of us have to know everything, but together we can find a solution! It has changed the culture of the way we think. We look for solutions and collaborate together to solve key concerns and issues.

- Lori Knoblauch
Vice Principal & Inclusive Education Coach
Peace River High School

Three Cohorts to Choose From!


Grade six and younger


Grade seven and higher

Small Schools

More than 7 grade levels with 300 or less students

Choose the cohort that best describes your school!

For the one-time cost of $999, you will receive:

Four full days of professional online learning

Assemble your team in a space where you can access the Zoom webinar together and four times a year, engage in a full-day of networking, learning and team planning, to celebrate your progress made and determine actionable next steps

Three Q and A sessions

Between the full day sessions, three 90 minute question and answer sessions will be established, for Kurtis to provide personalized responses to the questions being generated by participants. These sessions are recorded and made available to participating schools.

Access to the Collaborative Response Membership ($99 value)

Receive an annual subscription to the Collaborative Response Membership, with access to hundreds of resources, online recordings and more!

Access to the Collaborative Response 101 online course ($245 value)

Receive access for up to five team members to access the Collaborative Response 101 online course, to provide an overview of Collaborative Response with lifetime access to the learning materials.

Network with and learn from colleagues engaging in the journey alongside your school!

You are not alone in this journey!

Through the leadership days, connect and network with similar schools also working to implement Collaborative Response in their schools.

The learning design of the online leadership days provides multiple opportunities to interact and learn from other schools. Maximize the power of networking to grow your understanding and walk alongside other schools to deepen the learning of your team!

Benefit from dedicated time for team planning!

We know that schools are busy places and opportunities to pause and plan do not come along often!

Each leadership day embeds time for dedicated and directed team planning, with opportunities for individualized support for your team. Resources are provided to help support your team planning but ensures your team has time to unpack the learning and work together to determine next steps for your school!

Take advantage of dedicated time to help your team determine the next steps forward for your school!

"We have appreciated cross school collaboration and sharing, and the built in time to connect and see how other schools are doing things!"

- School Leader, Lakeland Catholic School Division

Through the 4 Online Leadership Days, school teams will focus on the following key questions related to Collaborative Response:

  • What are the four layers of collaboration essential in each and every school and what do they look like in our school context?
  • How do we establish effective collaborative team meetings to transform how we identify and respond to the needs of students?
  • How we identify screening tools aligned with our organizational priorities and organize our key data effectively?
  • What are the four tiers of support and how do we establish, refine and utilize robust continuums of support to deepen classroom practice?
  • How do we establish a culture of collaboration focused on increased collective efficacy and success for all students?

Mark the Dates!

Leadership Days - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Q and A sessions - 4:00 - 5:30 pm

All times are MST and all sessions are facilitated via Zoom. Leadership days include a 45 minute break for lunch. Q and A sessions are recorded and made available for all participants.

Register Now! Only 20 spots available for each cohort!


Grade six and younger


Grade seven and higher

Small Schools

More than 7 grade levels with 300 or less students

Cohorts require a minimum of three registrants. If less than three schools register, full refunds will be issued (but keep the Collaborative Response 101 course access as a token of our appreciation!)

Facilitator Information

Kurtis Hewson has been an award-winning teacher, vice-principal, and principal, as well as taught at the post-secondary level. With over a decade of experience as an administrator, Kurtis has championed the call for collaborative structures in schools to ensure success for all students. In addition to two finalist awards from Alberta Excellence in Teaching program and an Edwin Parr award recipients for excellence in his first year of teaching, Kurtis was an honoree for the ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award in 2010. Kurtis is one of five Alberta principals featured in Reflecting on Leadership for Learning: Case Studies of Five Alberta Elementary School Principals, addressing exemplary leadership practices in elementary schools in Alberta. He is the co-founder of Jigsaw Learning, a co-author of the text Envisioning a Collaborative Response Model, and currently works with districts and schools nationally and internationally establishing Collaborative Response frameworks and interacting with thousands of educators annually.

Interested in learning more?

Check out our webinars and workshops section of our website to explore further sessions, all focused on enhancing the power of collaborative efforts in your organization!