Leslee Jodry


Kurtis and Lorna’s leadership in the use of the Collaborative Response Model as well as their extensive knowledge and application of research in education is extremely beneficial in moving student learning along. They provided facilitation and coaching with various levels of leadership within the school division. When working with our group of Learning Coaches, Kurtis and Lorna provided research behind response to intervention as well as practical application for the use of the Collaborative Response Model. Their approach to learning and leading is collaborative and responsive to the needs of the groups with which they work. They also worked closely with school leadership teams to provide coaching as well as formative feedback for each specific team. The school teams were impressed by their ability to individualize each school’s situation, needs and challenges. Kurtis and Lorna also facilitated the research process for our division’s work to support teachers with a coaching model. They assisted us with our work on student engagement and worked with us in developing data tools with this focus. Kurtis and Lorna are extremely responsive in their work. They are dedicated professionals and lifelong learners who always put students at the center of the work. It is an honor to work with them.

Leslee Jodry

Assistant Superintendent – Learning Services

Grande Yellowhead Public School Division #77

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